The Healthy Gut Kit: 

For conscious parents and lucky dogs


The Healthy Gut Kit:
For conscious parents and lucky dogs

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  • Why are you getting a free Box?

    Get a free box of PetCultures to boost your pet's health! It's our treat to show you the difference our products make. Try it, love it, on us.
  • Tips for a Transformative Month

    Max out your month's supply for the best results:
    • Daily Doses: One sachet in your dog's food every day. It's that simple. 
    • Watch for Wins: Notice even the tiny improvements in your pet's health and mood. 
    • Chat with Us: Got questions or updates? We love hearing from you. Let's keep in touch!
  • How to Secure Your Free Box

    Claiming your free box is as simple as a click! 
    • Pick any formula
    • Proceed to checkout page and paste the discount code
    • Discount CODE: "TOPGUT"
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